Greater Union Cinema, Westfields Bondi Junction

Setting unrivalled standards in cinema entertainment, Greater Union's Australian flagship complex in Westfield Bondi Junction is now open.

Introducing a new focus on style, design, technology and comfort, the complex features a total of eleven auditoriums incorporating two Gold Class cinemas and nine Senstadium cinemas, offering a total of 2,000 seats.

One of the most distinctive features of the complex is the colourful and stylish foyer area where four architect-designed steel pillars make a dynamic statement. Placed on top of each pillar, in a specially-designed housing, is a Martin Alien 02 colour changing luminaire.

In a joint effort between two interstate Martin dealers, Lightmoves (Melbourne) supplied the four Martin Alien fixtures whilst Con Andrews of Beyond AV in Sydney dealt with the Sydney end of the project. Peter Farmer of Farmer Cortese, who do all of the GUET mechanical and electrical services, was the Consulting Electrical Engineer.

“The architect wanted to do some colour changing onto the ceiling and Lightmoves recommended the Alien 02,” said Peter. “We’ve found the Aliens to be very good.”

Beyond AV commissioned the system, and provided an Enttec DMX Streamer real time DMX recorder and time scheduler for on site control. At the moment the Aliens automatically switch on at 9am and run a slow, subtle colour changing sequence up until 6pm at night. At 6pm the colour changing fastens pace.

Plans are being made to co-ordinate the colour changing sequence with the action on the trailers that are being shown on plasma screens in the foyer. Beyond AV are creating half a dozen programs that can be triggered via AMX when required.