Hype DC

Hype DC is a shoe store with a difference. Their motto is ‘we search the globe, for all the latest models, all the newest styles, so you can have them first’. Specialising in trendy, youth-orientated footwear such as Adidas, Converse, Vans, and Timberland, Hype DC has a strong market image.

Hype DC recently secured one of Sydney’s prime retail positions on the corner of Market St and Pitt St Mall as its sixth Sydney outlet, and BBR Design were commissioned to design a funky shop design that reflects the Hype DC philosophy.

Interior designer Trish Civiero from BBR Design initially wanted to introduce logo projection to the store and when Show Technology’s Architectural Products Manager Jonathan Ciddor demonstrated what the Martin MiniMAC Maestro could deliver, she was very keen to use the product.

“Initially I didn’t know what was available in the way of image projection technology and someone recommended Show Technology to me, “ Trish said. “Jonathan was very helpful and when he gave me a demonstration of the MiniMAC Maestro I was absolutely blown away by it! It’s a fantastic product with really good resolution on the graphics - which particularly impressed me. The fact that it can deliver a changing light show throughout the day is just a fantastic option. The pricing of the MiniMAC Maestro was also very good.

“It helped that the client was funky, fun and full of original ideas. They were ready to embrace this technology and that really helps.”

When store owners Peter Pitt and Danny Gilbert saw the capabilities and potential of the MiniMAC Maestro together with Martin’s colour changing Alien ranges it became a really exciting project.

One of the more unusual aspects to this project is the extremely tight time frame in which it was designed and installed. It was imperative to have the store open in time for the busy Christmas trade.

“From the initial product demonstration to the store actually opening was only three weeks!” said Jonathan Ciddor. “It certainly was not your classic design and construct project. Just after taking possession of the site Peter Pitt stood in the middle of the store, as it dried out from a fire sprinkler head fiasco during the demolitions, and asked ‘if money was no object, what would you do?’ and that’s basically what we did.

“I’m still shell shocked that the project successfully eventuated in its conceived form, but then it is the right store, the right company, the right products, and the whole approach was ideal.”

The main feature to the store’s architecture is a sweeping, curved white wall situated above the cashier’s desk. The wall is a clever device by BBR Design to mask the bane of every footwear establishment, the boxed shoe stock, which in this instance is located on the mezzanine level above. It has created a great canvas for colour washing and image projection. Providing the colour changing on this wall are ten Martin Alien 05 recessed colour changers whilst two Martin Alien 02 wide angle (70°) fixtures wash colour over the ceiling. Another pair of narrow angle (18°) Alien 02 fixtures colour the entrance column with two Alien 05 fixtures illuminating the store threshold. Image projection is by Martin MiniMAC Maestro.

Adjacent to the store entrance on Market St are three very large display windows: each of which has three Alien 05 as well as a Clay Paky VIP DIA for the projection of slides and gobos. The VIP DIA’s are fitted with a wide angle 45mm lens and divertor mirror to create the maximum image size possible

These windows are income generating for Hype DC as they are sublet to suppliers for specific displays. So for the initial outlay of the VIP projectors, Hype will soon recoup their investment and then earn money on the purchase - at the same time as promoting their product range!