Westfields Bondi Junction

Sydney’s latest shopping mecca, Westfields Bondi Junction, cost a staggering $680 million dollars and so it’s no wonder that the centre wanted the building lit up at night. The façade that faces the busy Syd Einfeld Drive is decorated with logos of retail shops located within the centre such as Target, Woolworths and Greater Union. At night this façade is illuminated by ten Martin Exterior 600 automated colour-changing Fresnel wash lights that are specifically designed for fixed outdoor installations.

Although the Exterior 600 can generate over 1 million possible colour combinations, Westfield’s management are currently opting to use only white. Colour washing is being saved for special occasions to make the most impact.

Electrical contractors Heyday installed the Martin Exterior 600 fixtures which are controlled via a Martin PC-based LightJockey PCI controller and LightJockey Manager which triggers the Exteriors to come on at sunset and switch off at 10pm.

Beyond AV supplied the fittings, programmed them and set up the scheduling program to trigger these lights at set times of the day.

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